We are a Portuguese brand of casual clothing that focuses on quality and comfort in all its creations. We believe that fast-fashion is not the solution, in a world where we must increasingly prioritize nature and not rampant consumption.

Founded in 2010 by a surfer and lover of extreme sports, the family business is born on the beaches of Landes in the French southwest and grows, in the following years, on the Portuguese coast of Vila do Conde.

Taking inspiration from the sea, we design each piece to think of the free of spirit, the adventurous, the passionate for life. Our skilled and talented seamstresses have the power to pass the dream to reality.

With all its production in Portugal, VOODUU is proud of its local partnerships, as well as the support it has been giving to promising young people in the areas of Surf, Bodyboard, etc.

With the planet in constant change, we always want to evolve and reach more and more people. We export our designs to everyone at a click. Through our website vooduuclothing.com you can receive in your home any piece of the brand VOODUU.